Best Free Online Slots You Can Try

Ever since the online casinos started getting attention, among the most popular games have been slot machines. Of course, the main problem can sometimes be picking the perfect slot to play. There are so many incredible slots available with different coin sizes, themes, number of reels, paylines, etc.

The best possible idea would be to check them for free. This way, you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of each slot without having to spend real money on it. You can also try as many as you want, and you won’t have to worry about your budget.

We will take a look at the best slot machines that you can play for free. Here, we created a list of the best and most popular slots that you can try for free.

  • Lucha Libre 2
  • Bubble Bubble 2
  • Aztec’s Millions
  • Cash Bandits 2
  • Aladdin’s Wishes
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • PayDirt
  • Eternal Love
  • Orc Vs. Elf
  • Witch’s Brew

Let’s take a look at the games from the list and see what they offer and what are unique features that you can try.

Lucha Libre 2

If you were looking for a fun, well-designed slot, you’re in the right place. The game is a sequel to the popular slot. Lucha Libre 2 offers you a choice of up to thirty paylines and coin size that can vary from one penny to one dollar per payline. This is perfect for both high rollers and casual players, who are looking to have fun. Of course, if you are playing for free, you should play with the max coin size.

Lucha-Libre-2 Game SLots Online

The symbols in the game are playing cards, a referee, trophies, a champion’s belt, and wild symbols. Two wrestlers, Nacho Friend and Taco Malo, are grouped wilds that can serve as an additional multiplier. Furthermore, there are also scatter symbols that can trigger the bonus round. Among the most exciting things in the slot is a bonus feature.

In Time to Rumble feature, the player will choose one of the three finishing moves that will reward them bonus spins, multipliers, and a lot of potential winnings. The graphics in the game are incredible and perfectly capture the whole theme of the slot.

Bubble Bubble 2

Another sequel to the popular game is Bubble Bubble 2. The game is filled with magic, potions, witches, and incredible chances to win money. Of course, if you play for fun, you’d like to know more about graphics and features. The visuals in the game are astonishing, and there is no doubt that the game is among the best slots available for playing online.

Bubble-Bubble-2 very good slots

Furthermore, there are Wanda and Winnie that appear as grouped wild for any symbols, including scatters. Winnie will appear only on the first, and Wanda can show up on the fifth reel. If that’s not enough, both witches will triple the winning combination.

Finally, the player can trigger the bonus feature by collecting three or more wild wands on the reels. If this happens, the player will get the choice to pick one of the wands to reveal the prize or the type of the feature they will play. Each of the features will reward bonus games, additional multipliers, bonus spins, and additions. The best thing is whichever feature you get, you will win a lot.

As soon as you start the game, you’ll understand that there is a reason why so many players love and play Bubble Bubble 2.

Aztec’s Millions

If we talk about the best and most popular slots, there is no way to avoid Aztec’s Millions. While the game graphics are not as impressive as Bubble Bubble 2, there is one thing that keeps drawing players. The game offers a progressive jackpot, which can give you quite a lot of money. By a lot, we mean that the current jackpot is over one million!

Aztec's-Millions Slot

Aztec’s Millions is an incredible combination of ancient civilizations and modern age, which will allow you to win big even if you don’t snatch that progressive jackpot. Visuals of the game resemble classic slots, with a bit modernized look. The symbols in the game drew inspiration from Aztec culture, and there are tigers, idols, princesses, kings, and standard playing card symbols.

Of course, the one you’d hope to win is an Aztec’s Millions symbol. If you manage to get five of these on the payline, you will win the main jackpot. However, even if you are not that lucky, you can still win a lot if you trigger the bonus feature that can theoretically give you an infinite number of free spins.

The game is undoubtedly worth a try, but playing a real-money game is something that is the main focus of this slot.

Cash Bandits 2

Yet another sequel for the list is Cash Bandits 2. The slot keeps the same charm and thrill that the first game offered, with additional improvements. When you start playing, you’ll notice that the theme of the game revolves around a bank robbery, which the name also suggests.

Cash-Bandits-2 Gameplay on online Slots

The cartoonish theme of the game is a visual masterpiece. Players can pick the coin size, the number of paylines, the speed of the slot, and many other options. The symbols in the game are represented by a cashier, wanted posters, doughnuts, police officers, bank, money, and of course, the bandit.

If the player gets three bandits or robbers anywhere on the reels, they will trigger a bonus feature. The bonus feature is undoubtedly the most exciting part of the game. When the feature starts, the player will find themselves in a vault. Their goal is to figure out the password combination for unlocking five vaults. Each vault will have a different number of digits needed for the password. Furthermore, the player will have five chances to guess numbers on the vaults, and each vault they open will give them bonus spins and multipliers.

Cash Bandit 2 is an incredible slot, and you should undoubtedly give it a try if you can.

Aladdin’s Wishes

This slot was inspired by a well-known story about magic, wishes, genies, and adventure. The theme is beautifully designed and perfectly captures the story of Aladdin. Furthermore, the symbols in the game are flying carpets, the princess, fruit, jewelry, a genie, and Aladdin. The wild symbol of the game is Aladdin, and it can serve as a substitute.

Alladin's Wished Slots

One of the most important symbols in the game is the magic lamp. Collecting three or more lamps will trigger the bonus where the player will have to make some choices. Similarly to the story, the player will have three guesses or wishes. The player will have to pick three of the five magic lamps to reveal prizes. The feature can grant the player free spins and up to a hundred times the triggering bet. Of course, the best thing is that the player can retrigger the feature even during the free spins. If the player wins more free spins, they will be added to the remaining free spins from the last feature.

Among the main reasons for the popularity of Aladdin’s Wishes is the possibility of winning not one but two random jackpots. These jackpots can occur at any moment, and it doesn’t matter if the player managed to get a winning combination. The slot is perfect for players looking for a more traditional slot game with incredible rewards.

Cleopatra’s Gold

It is no secret that Cleopatra-themed slots are immensely popular. The main theme of the game is perfectly visualized, and all of the symbols in the game have Egyptian motives. Even the lower-paying symbols, standard playing card symbols, are perfectly combined with the entire ancient Egypt theme. Other symbols in the game are Bastet, the eye of Horus, Scarab, and of course, Cleopatra.Cleopatras-Gold Slot Online

Similarly to the previous games, there is a bonus feature where the player can get triple rewards and bonus free spins. All they have to do is collect three or more pyramids that are scatter symbols, and they will trigger the feature.

Interestingly, the game also offers a progressive jackpot that players can win at the end of each spin. This random jackpot can trigger randomly, and it doesn’t matter what combination the player had at the end of the spin. Every part of Cleopatra’s Gold is beautiful and well designed, and free spins and rewards are just a bonus.


The PayDirt slot gives us a unique opportunity to travel back to the gold rush and try our luck. Before the players can start digging for gold, they will have to select the number of paylines and coin size. The player can pick any of the twenty-five paylines, and they can even pick the exact paylines they want.

PayDirt SLots

Among the symbols in the game, the player can see gold nuggets, dynamite, mining equipment, miners, bandits, and even a dog that found a gold nugget somewhere. Naturally, PayDirt offers a bonus feature, and the player will have to get three or more PayDirt signs to trigger the round. Depending on the sign the player picks, they can trigger one of the three bonus rounds and win free spins and multipliers.

For all of the players that are considering to play PayDirt for real money in casinos, they will be delighted to know that the game also has a random jackpot that can trigger at any moment awarding a rather high amount.

Eternal Love

The slot Eternal Love bears a resemblance to  a famous movie about vampires and a love triangle. Here, we will join the story between Amelia and two vampires, Aleron and Isaiah. The game offers 243 paylines as well as a beautifully designed theme and potentially incredible rewards.

Eternal-Love Slots

Besides standard playing card symbols, there are jewelry, potions, and three main characters — Amelia, Aleron, and Isaiah. Furthermore, there is a coin scatter that will allow players to trigger a feature.

If the player manages to collect three or more scatters, they will get free games. Interestingly, there is also an extended life feature where the players can get a multiplier up to a thousand times the triggering bet.

The graphics in the game are a game-changer from the intro cinematic to the gameplay, and there aren’t many games that look as beautiful and clean as Eternal Love.

Orc Vs Elf

When it comes to visuals, there isn’t a better slot than Orc Vs Elf. It is not often that you find a slot machine with 3D animation, and this one offers just that. When the game starts, the player will have to pick sides. They can either side with the orc or join the elf. After they have made their decision, they will start playing the game where each of the features and paths will follow the story of the character they picked at the beginning.

Orc-vs.-Elf Slots Online

Naturally, the player can try the opposite side if they want to see the other side of the coin. Furthermore, the game offers several features that are unique for the character the player picks. Each of the features is followed by an incredible animation that is not something that you can often see when playing a slot.

The features in the game are also unique and incredible. Both choices will have scatters, and collecting three of them will lead players to a feature. However, the player can reject playing the bonus and continue playing. Next time they trigger the feature, they will continue the journey to the second part of the quest, and so on. There are seven features on both paths, and each of them is an upgrade of the previous feature.

Whether the player decides to follow the path or play the features as soon as they unlock it, one thing is certain — they will have more fun than they could expect.

Witch’s Brew

Another slot that might be perfect for Halloween is Witch’s Brew. As the name suggests, the player will help create a brew or a potion for the witch and get many rewards along the way. Unlike many other slots, there won’t be standard symbols here, and they are replaced with ingredients for the potion.

Online Slots Witch's Brew

The players will collect mystical books, magical roots, goblin’s blood, dragon’s fang, and they will be accompanied by a black cat. Collecting the right ingredients will reward prizes, free spins, and maybe even two bonus features.

For all the players that love Halloween, Witch’s Brew is something that they can play throughout the entire year. Visuals are captivating, and the whole theme looks astonishing.

No Deposit Bonus

While this is not technically a free game, the player can still play video slots without having to invest anything. These types of bonus offers come as free cash, and players will have an opportunity to try the games we mentioned. Of course, the best thing about this bonus is that the player can win real money if they manage to meet the requirements of the bonus.


If you find a casino that offers no-deposit bonus, after claiming it, you will have a chance to try a variety of different games. Usually, this offer applies only for slots, so there is a chance that you won’t be able to try games like video poker. On the other hand, there are so many incredible slot machine games that you won’t even think about any other casino game.


It might be difficult to find games that you’ll like, so we tried to mention as many as we could. These free online slots are available for any players, and you can try them for fun without having to pay anything. Naturally, there are so many great games online that it was impossible to mention all of them.

If you like some of the games we mentioned, you can always try playing them for free to see if you’re fortunate enough. Who knows, you might win big.