How to Hack Slots Online to Get Real Money

Hacking by SQL Injection and Other Methods
Black Hat Hacking Is Usually Mass Hacking
Hacking Casinos vs Hacking Players
Final Advice

The short answer is — you can’t. Now, let’s take a look at the longer answer that explains why.

Before we explain to you why you cannot cheat an online slot machine by hacking it, we must state one obvious thing. We are talking about something extremely unethical and illegal here. Hacking can get you into jail because hacking activities are internationally recognized as illegal. In addition, if these activities result in any material gain, the criminal offense becomes even more serious and can result in harsh penalties. Plus, hacking websites for material gain is stealing. Now, if this is not enough to discourage you from hacking, let’s explain why hacking slots is impossible.

Online slots are based on RNG (random number generator) that works on the MD5 algorithm, and it can’t be cheated. A slot always gives you a new combination that is completely independent of the previous one or of the following one. Each combination is random and completely unrelated to other combinations. There is no system, links, or connections that can be “caught” and exploited. Basically, MD5 creates fixed-length random outputs. This way, no value, or output, follows “logically” after the previous one. So, basically, you can’t hack a slot system because there is no system.

Now, there is one thing that you can do, and that’s using AI to play for you or tampering with the casino’s software. This is not too hard to do if you are an experienced developer, but if you are not, it’s literally impossible. However, installing software that would run alongside a slot and influence the way the slot works is highly risky. Many casinos scan your computer for all the programs that you’re running while you’re playing their games. This means that if you tried this cheating method, you would get caught in a matter of seconds.

Now, you can secure yourself a bit more if you download the casino client instead of playing online. However, casinos keep data of all the activities on their servers, so this kind of activity would end ingloriously for you. Every website has a “journal” of all the activities on their server. Every login, IP address, visiting statistic — everything is saved on the server. So, basically, AI or software tempering wouldn’t work.

Hacking by SQL Injection and Other Methods

As you have seen, you can’t hack a slot because of the way it operates. That is impossible. However, you can try to hack the whole casino website. Note that we said “try” not “succeed.” First of all, online casinos are highly protected, more than many websites, and for a reason. They have a strong defense that gets updated and improved on a regular basis. This means that popular hacking methods either wouldn’t work, or you would get caught while messing with their website.

Csaino Hacks

A lot of website hacking happens when hackers somehow manage to tamper with input forms, hack into CPanel, find passwords by Keylogger Injection, or get the login info by Cookie Theft. One of the popular hacking methods is a simple SQL Injection that “gets you in” through some input form, usually through “Contact us” forms. The majority of websites are protected against these attacks. So, on these websites, you can’t just type in a code in a contact input.

The problem with these types of hacking, such as injections of malicious code or even website redirection techniques, is that the majority of websites are protected against them. You

may be successful in hacking some WordPress-based blog about cooking with 15 posts using these techniques. However, when it comes to hacking an online casino, there is a 99.99% chance that you are going to fail miserably.

Black Hat Hacking Is Usually Mass Hacking

You may have gotten the idea of hacking an online casino by listening to successful hacking stories and stories about infamous hackers. The problem with the vast majority of these successful hacks is that they are almost never targeted. Hackers don’t target a certain website and attack it over and over again. They are interested in mass hacking, so they usually scan the Google analysis of websites with the weakest defense and attack them one by one. One of the most popular reasons for black-hat hacking today is cryptocurrency mining. So hackers that are interested in this kind of hacking aim for weak websites all over the web without any preferences. Targeting a single, highly defended website is rare, reckless, uneconomical. It is almost bound to fail.

Hacking Casinos is Hard, but Hacking Players is Easy

As you have seen, hacking a casino is very much impossible. Maybe some super-talented developer could succeed, but there is a question — Why? Why would they? It’s hard to imagine that some hacker would see the time-consuming casino hacking for some small amount of money more lucrative than hacking thousands of weak websites for cryptocurrency mining.

Now, hacking casinos may be hard, but “hacking” players is pretty easy. There are hundreds of tips and tricks available online, for purchase, of course, that promise to show you how to hack a casino. All of these tips are simply fraud, and these expensive books or tutorials are no more than a scam. Basically, all of those nonsense tips are scams that target scammers. A lot of gamblers actually do fall for these cheap tricks and online frauds. As we have said, hacking a casino is impossible, but hacking a naive player’s pocket is pretty easy.

Final Advice

To conclude our story about hacking, let’s state one more time the most important fact — hacking for material gain is illegal, immoral, and highly dangerous. It’s a risky activity that’s not worth the gain, and it goes against moral standards of any self-respecting human being. So, if you wish to win some money by playing at an online casino, it’s much safer to simply choose a reliable casino and do some research on the games that online casinos offer. Plus, this fair way of trying to get some money while having quality fun is a lot more likely to happen.

So, first of all, learn about a casino’s wagering requirement policies. This is not going to increase your chances of winning, but it will increase your chances of withdrawing the money you get by using bonuses. Casinos that have lower wagering requirements for their bonuses are always a better option. Casino slots often offer free spins, and these can also be used smartly for some monetary gain. Most online casino games, such as slots and video poker, have some bonus offers and promotions that can come in handy. However, you should be careful with this since many casino bonuses are sticky, i.e., non-withdrawable.

An important thing to remember is that no matter whether you are playing in a land-based casino or at casino sites, there is always a house edge. Therefore, you should look for casinos that offer slots with the highest return to player (RTP). You can also use free spins and bonuses to increase your chances, but that’s about it; that’s all that you can do. We advise you to play online slots primarily for fun and not to expect to win a lot. Winning money should come as a nice surprise; it shouldn’t be understood as the only goal. Let’s face it — you can gamble for years and not win a single dime — that’s why it’s called gambling.