Online Slots: No-Deposit Bonuses and Free Spins

No-deposit bonuses do not require a financial obligation from players and a deposit. They can be thought of as a premium reward for signing up. Using the free offers, players can try out a site’s slot game titles and then win real money. Generally, a no-deposit bonus may be split into two main types plus a rare third offer that is not often seen: 

Free Spins Offer — this form of slot bonus is hugely popular. It incorporates a set number of spins (most commonly 10, 20, or 50). Then, those spins may be utilized on slots. 

Free Chips — the second type involves a set amount of money (e.g. $10 or $20) that the player will get from the casino. This chip is only valid for game money, meaning that players can use it on numerous slot titles.

Free Play — this uncommon offer usually rewards those who claim it with a set time session. During that session, players may try various game titles for free.

Free Chips


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free chip

This is essentially a cash bonus which generally does not contain a game limitation. If offered, it can be used on most casino games. One benefit of this offer compared to the free spins is the fact that free chips allow the player to configure their bet. Most of these offers will be valued at around $10 or $20. Larger offers of $50 may be available, but they will include more limitations. 

Free Spins 

When you try a slot machine using no-dep free spins, the gameplay is identical to free spins you can activate via scatters. Generally, a casino might link a specific game to the offer. It could be a new title or an old classic. However, some sites may allow you to use the spins on any game, although this is less common. 

When you activate, let’s say a 20 FS promotion, you can test your chances in the slot game for twenty rounds. While the offers will include some rules related to winnings during these rounds, there could be additional requirements set on the slot rules. Usually, free spins will contain limits for the wager size and payline number. This means that the payline number will be fixed (e.g. 20) and that the bet size will stay the same. Typically, most casinos will set a bet size of up to $5 or $10 for a spin. Any winnings during these rounds will be subject to the policy of the casino.

Free Play

As mentioned, this is a rarer bonus, but in case it pops up somewhere, it’s useful to know a little bit about it. Instead of cash or spins, this offer will give you a time limit. You can use this time to play games, and the winnings from those games will be regarded as bonus rewards. Some players may even prefer this bonus compared to the other two. However, it is much less common to find one with reasonable limitations. Namely, a free play promo can potentially last longer. Players could land some incredibly big wins, which is rather unfavorable for casinos since those players will not deposit any funds. 

Is There a Catch?

When players claim the offers, they do not need to place real funds into their member accounts. However, in many instances, those who wish to withdraw their game winnings may be obligated to place a real deposit before the transaction. 

However, if you wish to withdraw any prizes made using the free bonuses, you will need to pay attention to the rules. And, the requirements will vary greatly regarding the type of bonus and casinos. We’ll discuss the main rules later on, but for now, it’s important to point out that bonus limitations and requirements are not out there to scam you, but rather to ensure that the casino does not lose all their profits from free bonus offers. 

Unfortunately, this is not true for all casinos and in some extreme cases, rogue operators can use the promises of the offers to trick their players. Nevertheless, it’s fairly easy to spot them once you learn the basics.

How to Use No-Deposit Offers on Slots

There are two ways to redeem the offers. Players may get them automatically after registering. What’s more, the rewards could require an exclusive bonus code. These are typically found in the casino site’s “Promotions” page by reaching the staff through customer support. Sometimes they may not be given away so easily. After activation, the bonus amounts will usually be displayed in the player account’s “Cashier” section. 

However, there’s an enormous demand for the offers, and thus, it should be noted that they can be subject to changes. For instance, offers for free spins on slots for real money could change from one month to another, and the number of spins could shift from 20 to 25 or vice versa. Due to this fluctuation as well as the bonus requirements, it’s incredibly important to stay in the loop and always look for current promotions. As an example, there could be a limited no-dep offer valid only during a certain holiday like Halloween. 

The Rules 

Before we reveal some of the best bonuses, it’s also crucial to introduce you to the main rules and requirements regarding no-deposit offers. 

Firstly, before playing with this bonus, it’s better to look into the details of the amount or free spin numbers offered. If it’s too big and seems far-fetched, it might include some unrealistic rules. Overall, casinos should list their bonus terms together with their bonus offer. Such is the case with many reputable gaming sites. If not, bonus rules will be mapped in the accessible Terms pages of casino sites. To fully confirm the terms, players are advised to reach customer support through the casino’s services (usually live chat) and validate the information.

The two fundamental rules entail the wagering requirements along with the cashout limits. 

Wagering Requirements

This limitation is sometimes named the playthrough, and it’s a requirement that needs to be completed after playing through a no-deposit offer. The most common WR requirements are around 20x to 50x and up to 70x. This indicates the number of times a bonus has to be wagered before players can cash out any funds. In case this requirement is not met, it’s possible that the winnings will be lost. 

Cashout Limit

The cashout limit is fairly self-explanatory. It is a restriction on the maximum winning size. Basically, online casino slots for real money with no-deposit offers will include a limit of around $50, and in some cases, it may even be over $1,000. If your winnings surpass the limit of let’s say $100, it’s possible that you may not be permitted to withdraw them fully. 

Additional Rules

Other rules could include a time limit set on playing the free bonus (i.e. 24 hours, etc.) or region/country restrictions. Players from the U.S., Europe, the U.K., and Canada will be able to claim the offers in most casinos. Lastly, you will not be allowed to create multiple usernames in one casino and use them to claim several no-deposit bonuses. It’s a forbidden tactic of misusing bonuses, and a site may ban those who get caught. Lastly, progressive games may not be allowed while using such bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Real money slots free spins with no-deposit offers can boost your gaming skills and winning potential. They’re a great solution to use if you prefer to put new or unfamiliar casino platforms to the test. Plus, one can use these promos to test the games before making a financial commitment. Hopefully, we’ve taught you why no-deposit bonuses are so desirable, and we’ve also shown you some pointers on how to spot the main rules and requirements. So check out some of the bonuses suggested by this guide and have fun playing slots!


How do you win big on online slots?

Typically, if you want to win big, you need to bet big. The most substantial prizes are reserved for those who place maximum wagers, so if you wish to qualify for the largest jackpots, max bets are the way to go. Just make sure your bankroll can support them, and keep in mind that the most successful players do not bet more than they can lose.

Are online slots rigged?

In essence, all slots are “rigged” as the machines are designed to benefit the casino in the long run. If you look at a game’s RTP, it is evident that the house will always make a profit. However, the number takes into account all bets made in a machine’s lifetime, so you can still win (or lose) much more during your individual session.

Are online slots safe?

They are as safe as online casinos you play at. Typically, if the software developer is a reputable one, the slots will be as well. Just keep in mind that your money is always best spent at licensed casinos, as there are, unfortunately, many rogue ones too.

How do slot machine payouts work?

As we have already mentioned, all slot outcomes depend on the RNG, which always favors the house. This is why a machine’s payout (RTP) never reaches 100%. But you can still win any amount (up to the max jackpot) on these slots. The ultimate payout will depend on the number of paylines, the bonus and jackpots a specific machine offers, and, of course, your bet amount.

How many lines should I play on a slot machine?

It is typically recommended to place coins on all potential paylines, as your odds of winning then increase. Some machines have a fixed number of active lines, so you often won’t even need to make this decision. Just remember to place bets that suit your bankroll.

What is a loose slot machine?

A loose slot is every player’s dream. These machines offer higher paybacks than other games in a casino and shouldn’t make a massive dent in your bankroll long term. Only keep in mind that the term “loose” is relative and that the same machine can be considered loose in one establishment, while “tight” in another.

Can you win real money on free slots?

It would be nice but, typically, the answer is no. You can only use free play to test out games and get the hang of the rules and various features. If you wish to earn real money, you need to bet real money. However, some casinos provide no-deposit bonuses that essentially give you a way to win a bit of money without spending any.

How do free spins work?

Free spins are an exciting present that many online casinos offer their new or existing members. What comes with this gift? A chance to experience slots for free and win real money in the process. Sometimes, a no-deposit bonus might come with free spins, allowing you to spin the reels without any payments. On other occasions, free spins will be a lucrative in-game feature that gamblers may trigger. Either way, the extra games work the same way as the spins you have paid for and may be just as profitable.