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It seems that we have a new player in the online slot community, so let’s take a tour and visit 1x2gaming. Though, the name can be unfamiliar to many slot fans, rest assured that things are about to change. Game developers come and go, but this provider means business.

The motto behind the enterprise is providing an alternative to the mainstream gaming giants which dominate the market and offer somewhat uniformed options. The fresh perspective is welcome, but how successful they will be in challenging the mighty overlords of video slots remains to be seen.

About the Company

Maybe they are new to slots, but the company was founded back in 2002. They became an instant success with virtual sports games. Virtual Football was their best-selling product at the time and earned them the title of one of the most promising software developers in the branch.

A lot has happened since then for 1x2gaming. The headquarters are appropriately based in the tech-park in Brighton, which we like to call the Silicon Beach. The company is the leader in the virtual sports games market with Virtual Rugby, Virtual African Cup, and many more added to their portfolio after the smashing success of Virtual Football.

However, 1x2gaming did not stop there. They started creating Flash and HTML5-based casino games, proving that they will not be restricted to a niche. What appears to be a good business move is that the company chooses to grow organically. Perfecting one segment at a time allows them to explore new territories rather smoothly.

Branching out to slot games was expected, but they are still testing the market and their own strengths and weaknesses by the looks of it. And it’s an excellent way to go in the competitive world of online gaming.

On the other hand, 1x2gaming does not lack ambition. In 2018, they partnered up with Solid Gaming, which consolidated their presence on the Asian market. Now, their entire opus is available to gamers throughout Asia, which is one of the most important markets for game providers.

1×2 Network, a parent company to 1x2gaming, made another partnership with iGaming Platform. This will make their products available to all iGaming Platform users on five continents. Not a bad score for a company that is trying to offer an alternative to the mainstream gambling industry.

The Concept

Trying to bring something different to any business can be a two-edged sword. While chasing novelty, one might end up with a product that does not satisfy the needs of a player. And that is what game creators are meant to do.

The virtual sports section is impeccable in the case of 1x2gaming, and they really did bring something fresh and exciting to players. If you didn’t know, in this type of game, you bet on the outcome of virtual matches. It’s a fixed-odds betting system that the company made into an art form. A lucrative art form if we are honest.

Another ace up their sleeve is the instant-win option, which seduces with simple graphics and ever-changing prizes. Again, if you are not familiar with the concept, they are easy-to-play games that show the results immediately. The prizes can range from small wins to huge rewards. What makes them desirable with the establishments that provide the games online is the fact that the prizes can be accustomed to the demand and the current traffic on the website.

As any respectable provider, 1×2 has developed table games, which are pretty standard. They ventured into arcades and number games (keno, to be precise), so they can attract a wider audience. The witty twist seems to be an inspiration in this segment as well. At least, when it comes to the design.

Having said all of the above, it seems only natural for 1x2gaming to dive into slot machines, but the transition is much trickier than you may think. Although the games are in many ways similar to what the company already produces, slot players are a demanding bunch, and it takes a lot of effort to appeal to this particular audience.

The Slot World

Many skill-based games fans will frown upon slots, calling them random money eaters, but making a popular game that can stand the test of time is not an easy task. First of all, one has to invest in visuals and audio effects. Anyone who has played casino slots online lately understands what a cinematic experience they have become.

Then, you have to come up with engaging gameplay and a theme that corresponds with the interests of players. Of course, there are prizes, bonuses, free spins, and a million other elements that make a slot stand out in the ocean of available options.

The market is undoubtedly vast, and there is always room for more, but gamers are picky. Providers have to work non-stop if they want to stay relevant.

1x2gaming stepped boldly into this cut-throat jungle, and one has to admire their approach. Instead of going for brighter, faster, or crazier, they opted for simple, yet effective and funny games.

1×2 Slot Adventure

If you are looking for innovation and the latest design solutions, then you may be disappointed with their games. However, a little bit of patience and an open mind will allow you to see just how entertaining 1×2 slots are.

The recurring theme that binds all the slots together is humor, and the company takes pride in that very feature. There are no pop-up bonuses, free-play surprises, and other offers that interrupt the game. You get smooth, fast-paced games that unfold effortlessly.

Of course, there are free spins, and an occasional pick’em feature, but the games are never too complicated. For all of you who enjoy a good game without diversions, 1×2 is your kind of producer. We can say that returning to basics is fresh, so the company stays true to its motto in this field as well.

What comes to mind when you play one of their slots is: what you see is what you get! That is precisely the characteristic that slots are missing these days. The gameplay tends to get so complicated that you can’t keep track of your wins and losses. They can be exciting, but they somehow seem to be never-ending.

With 1×2, a player knows what is happening and where they stand at any time during the game. As humorous as they may appear, they are reminiscent of old-school games in terms of transparency and straightforwardness. Most of us will agree that the market may be missing that kind of games.

The company is working really hard to expand the mobile slots portfolio, which is becoming a must if you want to stay relevant in the gambling business. They have around 40 titles, which is not too bad. Another plus is that they make games with broader betting ranges, so they are suitable for both low and high rollers.

What to Play

As we have said, 1×2 are relatively new to this particular section, so there are not too many slots to choose from. However, the offer is solid, and you will be able to find something that appeals to you.

You can play a lot of them in the demo mode, so you can check out the vibe and the possibilities and decide if any of them work for you. There’s no doubt they will, but it is always smart to do a test-ride.

Fancy progressive jackpots are not available, so don’t expect to find those in any of the slots. However, the rewards are nice, and the potential for big wins is significant.

Piggy Bank

Piggy-Bank Slots Online

If you want a quick glimpse inside the 1×2 universe, then start with this one. It shows what they are all about and is fun, fun, fun. Please remember that it is the only one designed specifically for desktops, so you will have to be seated while you play. That is until the mobile version comes out.

The game instantly puts a smile on your face because pigs are the theme. So get ready for pig robbers, pig police (witty, right?), and a piggy bank to stash your winnings. There are five reels and nine adjustable paylines, with all the classic features that you know. The only thing that can interrupt the game is the free spins round, that you trigger if three to five rainbow symbols (scatters) grace the reels with their presence.

Your wins get doubled during free spins, so the rewards are not bad. The RTP is 95.69%.

You can play the game for free, which we suggest you do before investing real money.

Aztec Secrets

Aztec Secrets Online Casino

It’s 1×2 take on exotic games and appears to be very popular among the players. It is one of the more intricate 1×2 products with five reels and 25 paylines. The Aztec theme comes with a funny twist, but the gameplay includes free spins and a pick’em feature, which is a lot for this developer.

However, it does not confuse the player. The volatility stands somewhere between medium and high, which is another oddity for 1×2 because they like their games to be of low volatility. Nonetheless, the rewards can be good, especially during the free rounds. With the RTP of 95.5%, it is worth investigating. Once again, it is available in demo, so check it out.

Football 3×3

Football-3x3 Online Slots

Like an homage to their very first hit, Virtual Football, it seemed only fair that 1×2 would do a football-themed slot. For all the fans of the sport, this will be an instant crush. The symbols are various national teams, so the game does not discriminate.

It is unusual because it is played on a 3×3 grid, but it is very attractive and dynamic. RTP is about 95.5%, and the rewards are promising.

Classic Fruit

Classic Fruit Slots Online

Well, what developer would shy away from fruits? It’s such a classic; we would expect it to be on the list, even if we weren’t fans of the theme. But we are. This one has a retro vibe, the three-reel basic structure, and it bursts with color.

We consider the RTP of 97.37% to be pretty high, so we recommend you go old-school and play this one. If you want to taste before you bite, try it for free first.

Star Bars

This one really stands out as a parody of the Star Wars theme. The characters are Not Darth Vader and Not Luke Skywalker, so you get the idea of just how ironic the whole thing is. Look for Not Darth Vader because he is the highest paying symbol. Five of them, and you can get up to 1,000x your bet.

The game doesn’t have a free spins feature, but there is a pick’em bonus during which the characters that are Not from the film will dance in a kitschy disco club.

Please note that there is no demo play in “the galaxy far, far away.”

The Craic

The cheeky take on all things Irish is presented with humor and wit in this five-reel slot with nine adjustable paylines. You can come across leprechauns, Guinness, river-dancing potatoes, and even Bono and Terry Wogan.

Funny enough, Terry Wogan is the wild card and can fill in for any other. Different scatters open different bonus rounds, but 1×2 still keeps it simple and quick. However, the Breaking Bono symbol is priceless.

Unfortunately, this one also does not have a free play option, so to make a trip to Ireland, you will have to play for real money.

Where to Play

1x2gaming casino network is vast, and you can choose from 100 establishments. Some of the household names in the business support them, so playing is convenient and safe.

A simple search will open the gates to fun and fresh games that are designed to entertain. Check out VideoSlots or Mr. Bet Online to enjoy one of the slots we have mentioned above. All 1×2 gaming casinos are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gambling Authority, so players don’t have to worry about fraud and other possible unpleasantries.

The Verdict

It will be a tough game for 1×2 because giants like Microgaming did have a head start, but the company is making some smart moves. They are not trying to beat the well-established players in their own game but instead offer an alternative.

The refreshing take on slots may appeal to new gamers, but it can provide a fun outlet to experienced slot veterans as well. After all, variety is what any industry should strive for.

We liked what we saw from 1x2gaming, so we suggest you check them out. They may or may not be the missing piece of the slot puzzle, but they are definitely hilarious.