2 By 2 Gaming Slots

2 by 2 Gaming Software Provier

The company is not new in the online gambling business, though we wouldn’t go so far to call them veterans. However, they’ve developed a fine stack of 65 titles that are available to play and have 35 more pending releases.

As a participant in a highly competitive industry, 2 By 2 is doing its best to establish itself on the market. Their presence is visible, both in land-based venues and in the online branch, so it’s safe to say that they do not lack ambition.

Face2Face With 2 By 2

Two people seem to be running the show, as the name suggests. However, the team is not small, so we can only guess that there are many more behind the curtains that contribute to the success of the company.

The founder of the Chicago-based business is Shridhar Joshi, who also serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The man appears to have a strong background in the industry as he was a member of the original team behind the WMS gaming division. For a while, he held the position of VP of Global Product Strategy, and during his tenure, the company flourished.

In his 25 years of experience in the business, Joshi proved to be a master developer and strategist with 45 patents under his belt. He took part in producing some of the hit games that are still available in casinos worldwide. Monopoly, Powerball, Jackpot Party, to name a few.

Another figure that seems to be crucial for 2 By 2 is Darryl Hughes. He is the Head of Development, and like Joshi, he was once part of the Williams Interactive. Hughes worked on ad campaigns for the likes of Ford and McDonalds and even made a couple of award-winning films for the children’s edition of Britannica.

With such strong leadership, 2 By 2 should be considered a serious player in the gaming industry. Both Joshi and Hughes emphasize the importance of their team, from designers to developers. With 65 issued patents, it is evident that the company functions as an organism, so their success is not surprising.


To achieve success in the online gaming universe, a company has to master multitasking because modern gaming is layered. It is crucial to understand the market, which dictates the businesses to work together. Cooperation is something that is not just desirable but necessary to stay afloat.

2 By 2 management comprehends this well. The company established firm bonds, not only with the casinos but with different software companies as well. A strong and steady network is what guarantees longevity and progress by communicating the needs of their clients. The team is working on three fronts with equal success. You can see their games present in traditional land-based venues, in online casinos, and even in free-to-play social gaming markets.

2 By 2 try to maintain a custom, if not a boutique approach, to what they do. Alongside the development of their own products, they work closely with their partners to produce customized games that fit the needs of specific providers. They also work on existing products, participating in revamping them or converting them to either mobile slots by adjusting them to HTML5 or just perfecting the online variant with Flash.

As far as we can see, they partnered up with respectable names in the business. They helped Bluberi and Bally with online game conversion, and in terms of 2 By 2 Gaming casino partnerships, they appear to be tight with Unibet, Mr.Green, and BetVictor.

2 By 2 Slots

What comes to mind when checking 2 By 2 slots is versatility. It seems to be the company creed, which is vital in covering a significant portion of the market. When we speak about versatility, we must stress that it is most apparent when it comes to volatility.

Any player will find something they like in 2 By 2’s portfolio because their game range is quite extensive. The company thought about all levels of experience and different budgets when they made their titles, so there is something for everyone.

Another thing in which they successfully apply this policy is the gameplay, which is dynamic, to put it mildly. Various features and bonus rounds keep coming up on all of their video slots, so every spin offers something new.

Appealing to different types of players is a smart and bold strategy that requires an experienced team and a lot of work. It is something that 2 By 2 is doing rather well. Their insight into the market and the minds of gamers can only come from true understanding and appreciation of the industry.

On the other hand, when it comes to themes, the company tends to stick to similar topics and develop products revolving mostly around historical and adventure narratives. The design is good of both 2D and 3D slots, but 2 By 2 tends to shy away from experimenting with something different. On the other hand, we cannot deny that geography and history are inspirational, so their games are not boring.

The narrative is also an essential aspect for the company. Almost every game has a story, and they work hard to provide a cinematic experience to their players. Though this is becoming a standard when it comes to modern online slots, 2 By 2 is a game developer that delivers in this regard.

Although the themes may seem a little generic, adding the interactive narrative helps in  keeping the players entertained. The producers manage to maintain the balance between the familiar and the unexpected, which is a quality not easily obtained.

Games to Play

Most of these games are available in demo mode, so you can try them out and see if they are a fit. Again, 2 By 2 tries to satisfy every aspect of the demanding market. Free play became a must in the internet era because we tend to expect a tasty sample before we take the big bite.

Since theory means little without practice, the best way to come to any conclusion is to check how free slots work and see if we would invest some real money into them.

Riches of the Sea

Riches-of-the-Sea Slots Online

What better way to start than with the biggest hit that this company released. It’s a classic underwater theme, but 2 By 2 went for a realistic depiction, which is quite stunning, to tell the truth. After just a couple of minutes into the game, you are transported to an aquatic world of chance.

The slot has five reels, which is customary for 2 By 2, as you will see. There are 30 adjustable paylines keeping the game versatile in the sense of betting. Riches of the Sea is an excellent example of the company’s devotion to customizing, so you can adjust almost anything to suit your preferences.

The game starts to be exceptionally exciting once you win the bonuses. The Pearl serves as the scatter, and by getting three or more, you trigger the Free Spins reward. During that time, the possibility of more significant rewards unfolds because Mermaids (wilds of the game) add multipliers, which can make the slot quite lucrative.

All in all, what you can win depends a lot on the amount of your wager. The more you risk, the more you can cash out. What we recommend is to use the free online option and see if this is your kind of adventure.

Greener Pasteur

Greener Pasteur Slots

This one is an excellent example of how 2 By 2 experts incorporate narratives into the gameplay of their slots. Themewise, it’s an interesting take on the story of Louis Pasteur and his work on developing vaccines.

In this game, Pasteur becomes a mad scientist obsessing over germs and microbes. Of course, the comical twist was necessary to keep the game from becoming disgusting.

Again, it’s a five-reel game with 30 paylines that you can adjust according to your needs. The bet size is also adjustable, so 2 By 2 stays faithful to their approach.

As you would expect, a Magnifying Glass is crucial in a lab, and in this particular one, it is the wild symbol that multiplies your wins and fills in for other cards. The Milk Carton is the scatter that can award bonus spins. There is also a Special Germs feature that can be triggered anytime during the game; that’s when the slot begins to shine with the possibility of random cash prizes and turns the germs into wilds and top-paying symbols.

There is a lot to take in, so start by trying it out for free to get the hang of it!

Spell of Odin

An excellent example of the mythical theme is the Spell of Odin, which may be 2 By 2’s most significant achievement in this territory. The designers took a walk on the dark side, and the result is quite peculiar.

Spell-of-Odin Slots Online

The Norse God of Creativity and Destruction was the inspiration for this five-reel slot with 25 flexible paylines. The bet limits are low, so this one will probably not be too attractive for high-rollers, but beginners can have a blast.

The design of the game is so beautiful that a player gets drawn into it immediately. Wilds act as substitutes for all other cards, and scatters keep it entertaining by doubling the bets on active paylines and awarding up to 20 free spins if more than three appear.

Even if you feel that the betting options are a bit restricting, you can play for free just to enjoy the visuals and the captivating story.

Legends of Africa

Legends-of-Africa Slots Online

2 By 2 tried something new with this one. There are five reels that are set in an intricate diamond layout, and it feels quite different from what we are used to from this provider. Even experienced players will be on their toes with this novelty.

However, the theme feels familiar, and the betting options are diverse, so once again, 2 By 2 maintained the balance. The tribal hat is the wild card, replacing any other card on this safari except for the tribal mask. As you can guess, that’s the scatter. Scatters unlock free rounds with various ways to boost your wins.

The game can get even more adventurous with Any Way Blast feature during which a payout can be 144x the stacked symbol. To unlock this possibility, you would need stacked symbols on the 1st and 5th reels.

The game works beautifully on mobile devices as well, so you can play it on the road in the spirit of a true adventurer.

James Win

James-Win Online Slots

Another one that we enjoyed is 2 By 2’s interpretation of James Bond. It is a refreshing break from their usual themes and an exhilarating game altogether. You’ll see a Cocktail, a Sports Car, and other fancy gear that a spy would need in this five-reel slot.

There are two wilds and two scatters because the world of a spy is never dull. The bonus rounds are great, and you can win big. Of course, it doesn’t come without risk. The more you wager, the more you can earn, so you need to leave certainties behind.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a free option for this one. It seems only appropriate that you have to mean business if you enter the dangerous world of espionage. However, the game is definitely worth the risk.

The Pattern

As you probably noticed, most of the slot machines coming from 2 By 2 are five-reel games. With the option to adjust and customize, the games remain fun, but there seems to be a pattern that takes away the element of surprise, especially if you play a lot of them in a row.

Though slots with five reels are the most popular ones at the moment, it feels like 2 By 2 is reluctant to take chances and follows the rules instead of setting new ones. The players are the final judges, but it would be nice to see this company do something risky and offer something unique.

Another thing missing from their portfolio is a classic, old-school three-reel slot. Although some may call them outdated, they have their faithful fan-base, and many players like to indulge in a retro game once in a while.

To Sum It Up

2 By 2 seems to be a reliable provider with a solid repertoire and a professional team working on their products. They deliver stunning and fun games that play effortlessly on all platforms. The internet establishments and the land-based casinos of the highest prominence are their satisfied clients, so you can rest assured that the games are fair and safe to play.

What the next step for the company should be is to come up with something bolder that could make them stand out among the competitors — and the competition is brutal. That is why offering something that hasn’t been seen before can take 2 By 2 to a whole new level.

Taking such a risk could be a way for the company to rise from the comfort of a mid-level developer to one of the leaders in the industry.