What to Do When You Feel Cheated by an Online Casino

Reach out to the Casino Operator
Find an ADRS
Be Patient

You have been promised a specific bonus, certain fees, or waiting periods. However, your expectations were not met, and now, you believe someone should answer for it. When money is on the line, it is difficult not to feel frustrated, no matter the amount.

So what should you do?

First of all, you need to make absolutely sure that your potential complaint is legitimate. Often, a player fails to read the casino’s terms and conditions or privacy statement. Before you take any further steps, carefully go through all available information the casino has shared on their website. On most occasions, the player will find that the casino has already anticipated potential issues and there are no grounds for a complaint.

However, if you learn that your issue has not been accounted for, you should definitely seek out a resolution. There are several steps you will need to take in order to deal with the problem successfully.

Reach out to the Casino Operator

Casino OperatorBefore you turn elsewhere, try to resolve your issue at the source. A lot of times, there is a technical glitch or a similar, easily explained reason for your concern. If you have been playing at a reputable casino, chances are, the operator will be happy to assist you in solving the problem.

Do not make threats or engage in hostile behavior since this can only ruin your chance to settle the issue in your favor.

However, if the problem persists and there is no resolution with the casino (sometimes they ignore players’ complaints), you should take the next step.

Find an ADRS

ADRS stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. There are many offering their services online in a manner that is easy to follow. When you go to their websites, follow the directions leading you to the complaint form. Here, you will be prompted to share all relevant information regarding the dispute — the casino’s domain name, your own name, the amount you are contesting about, and all the details concerning the issue. Just make sure not to omit anything since the service can discard the complaint if that happens.

Some of the options for an ADRS include eCOGRA or IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service). These are the ones with the most authority, but there are some other gambling websites found online that can function as an ADRS too. Such is The Pogg or Casino Players Report. Simply follow their complaint templates and submit one for inspection. However, do not forget to check your email during this time since the ADRS might ask for further information, and it will not proceed unless you provide the answer.

If the service is legitimate, it should give you guidance as to what to do next. Complaints, if not discarded, can become legally quite serious. In this case, you should consider reaching out to a lawyer.ADR

On the other hand, you might be advised to give up and drop the complaint. That could happen if the ADRS establishes that the issue you have presented is not a valid one. To be entirely sure that the manner in which you have submitted your case is legitimate, do not skip any of the instructions from the service’s website.

Be Patient

If you do not manage to solve the issue early on with the casino, chances are the resolution will not be quick. So be prepared to wait for a response to your complaint. The waiting period might be for several weeks or even months. Sometimes, you won’t get a reply at all. That depends on the ADRS through which you decided to submit your complaint.

Besides the already-mentioned eCOGRA and IBAS, another ADR service that the UK Gambling Commission recommends is ADR Group.

Still, keep in mind that these should be your final options. In most cases, you should efficiently resolve the issue with the help of the casino. However, if that does not happen, you know where to go.